An intro, of sorts

Upswing Vintage is now almost a year old. I had thought this blog would be as well, but here I am writing my first post. Ah well. I’ve spent the past ten months madly zooming about California on the hunt for vintage treasure of all sorts; there has not been time for blog writing.

But then something happened yesterday that I took as a sign that my blog needed to finally find its way into the world. I was creating a listing for a 100 year old book I have called “A Message to Garcia.” I did an awful lot of research into this little book – really more of a pamphlet, including reading the thing cover to cover.


I also spent a lot of time stroking that soft suede cover

I found the backstory of the book utterly fascinating, and spent an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out what would prompt the author, a Mr. Elbert Hubbard (b. 1856) to create such a hysterical rant about the laziness of American workers.

Having come up with some interesting nuggets, I started to summarize it all into a listing, so that the customer would understand what made this work so important.

Unfortunately, I had to leave the house before I finished the listing as my two sweet kitties needed a trip to the vet. When I returned, my computer had frozen, necessitating a restart. My work was lost. (You can not save draft listings on Etsy until all the little boxes are filled out….which I hadn’t done, sadly).

After pouting about this mishap for awhile, I realized that perhaps the listing description was not exactly the best forum in which to present my findings. Customers tend not to read long-winded descriptions of an item, do they? But a blog – I can drone on about a subject as much as I like!

So, here I am, having received a swift kick in the rear to get this thing going. I’ll be posting every few weeks or so, with interesting research I’ve dug up about my vintage finds, lots of pictures and maybe even a video or two of my vintage treasures in action.

Stay tuned!


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